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Why Choose Phyllis Harb To List Your Home?

Why Choose Phyllis Harb To List Your Home? Santa chose her after reading her online reviews.

Why Choose Phyllis Harb To List Your Home
Testimonial from the sale of 5310 Pali Point, La Canada

5 star

Sold a Single Family home in 2022 in La Canada Flintridge, CA.

I wholeheartedly recommend Phyllis Harb as your Realtor of choice! Phyllis has handled three sales for me and my family members – all with unmitigated success and ease of accomplishment. Phyllis provides carefully researched advice on price setting. She plans and executes an exceptional advertising campaign with print and web-based elements that included, for my recent sale, a full-motion video show and drone footage of the property. She manages open house events with ease, and, with her staff, guides you through the multitude of paper that is required to support a real estate transaction.

Packing and arranging for my recent move were an order of magnitude more stressful than the advertising, showing and management of the sale that Phyllis so skillfully orchestrated. I was very pleased with our personal relationship during the recent sale – Phyllis provided such a close business relationship that I felt well satisfied that nothing would be forgotten or go wrong.

And best of all, with all of Phyllis’s expertise, the property sold in two days for well above the carefully selected asking price!

Each home sale is different, as everyone has different goals. This well-loved home was in excellent condition. It’s important to represent a beautiful home with quality marketing. Additionally, this homeowner took great pride in his home, and I respected that. I was there for each open house and showing. Therefore I was able to learn which buyer might be the most motivated.

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