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Why didn’t I receive a counter offer?

Why didn’t I receive a counter offer?

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Dear Phyllis,

My fiancé and I made an offer on a house but due to the condition of the economy, our offer was low. Although we would have increased our offered price, we were never given the opportunity. We were never even informed that there was another offer which was higher. Shouldn’t we have been given a chance to improve our initial offer?

Jane D.

Dear Jane,

Generally, if you made a written offer, your Realtor® should have received a written response, such as a counter offer. The counter offer should have noted that the offer was a multiple counter offer. Typically the seller’s agent (listing agent) advises the seller about the offers and the seller decides whether or not he wants to counter each.

Apparently you didn’t receive a counter offer, which could be for a several reasons:

1) Your offer was so low that the seller was insulted.
2) Your offer wasn’t taken seriously.
3) Your low offer made the other offer look really good, and the seller decided not to give you a counter offer.

The next time you write an offer have your agent ask the seller’s Realtor® if there are any other offers in hand or expected. Had you known another offer was in hand or forthcoming you likely would have written a better initial offer.

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