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Why isn’t my Realtor showing my home?

Why isn’t my Realtor showing my home?

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Dear Phyllis,

My home has been for sale for over a month. After the Realtor’s  open house, I had a few showings from other agents, but that was it.  I am on a quiet street with a lot of desirable upgrades. My Realtor  has yet to bring a buyer to my home. How do you suggest I motivate her?

Frustrated in La Crescenta

Dear Frustrated,

I don’t believe it is necessarily a matter of motivating your agent. First we need to determine if your home is being property marketed:

1) More than 90% of home buyers begin their search on the Internet. Check your home’s listing on your Realtor’s website or Is the ad copy appealing? Are the photographs professional or do they look as if they were taken with your agent’s mobile phone?

2) Is your home readily available for showings? Of course as the owner, you have the right to restrict showings; to request notice (typically at least two hours). It is reasonable that your home isn’t shown at 8 AM, or even 9 AM on weekends. And you shouldn’t have to contend with showings after 8 PM.

3) Is it easy to show your home? Is there a lockbox? If there isn’t one, is your real estate agent available for showings? Or is your agent out of town most weekends or have children with numerous sports commitments?

If your home has an attractive Internet presence and is easily shown, I think it may be overpriced. In our current La Crescenta real estate market, many homes are still selling quickly while others are lingering. One of the most important factors a buyer considers is price. How did you and your real estate agent arrive at the asking price? Did you review recent comparable sales? Did you and your agent review the competition?

Buyers are finding properties and closing. If you are serious about selling your home, ask to meet with your Realtor. Ask for her pricing recommendation. Ask that she review the homes in your price range which have entered escrow, come on the market (new competition) or closed while you have been on the market. Together the two of you can determine the problem and the solution.

Once you arrive at the proper price, review with your Realtor or home stager your home’s showability. With the correct asking price, buyers will come, just be certain you and your home will be ready for them.

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