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Why pre-listing inspections are important

When listing a home for sale, I often encourage my clients to hire an inspector before doing any work. Pre-listing inspections are essential. A professional inspector will conduct a thorough investigation of the home. I have seen it all as someone who had been selling real estate in the Foothill communities for three decades.

Why pre-listing inspections are important
Of course, I have never seen a perfect home. A home inspector will uncover an extensive list of items wrong with the home. Hopefully, most will be minor such as cracked grout, dirty air conditioning filters, or broken switch plates – all silly little things. But they may also find some serious defects.

Many Harb and Co. clients opt into our fix it and list it program. With this program, we can pay for upfront repairs and be reimbursed at closing. As we are Realtors and not general contractors, we want to determine if any major repairs are needed. Why paint the interior of a home if its foundation is in poor condition or if there is mold in a house?

Another benefit of a pre-listing inspection is that it can help to avoid a canceled escrow or a repair renegotiation.

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One thought on “Why pre-listing inspections are important

  1. Sam says:

    Makes sense to find out sooner rather than later. But how scary to find out you will have to take a huge hit on a sale if black mold or foundation problems are found. These can change all the dynamics of a sale

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