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Winding down 2019 at Harb & Co.

Winding down 2019 at Harb & Co.

Winding down 2019 at Harb & Co.

You might think that December is a quiet time for Los Angeles Realtors. And some years it is. But December is the time we send out holiday cards and finish our client gift delivery. In addition, it’s the time we try to close out our real estate books. There are 1099’s due in January and meetings with accountants.  Amidst all of that of course are the Christmas parties and lunches that have been so enjoyable but have taken up so much time.

Our January will be a busy month, so much of the tax preparation needs to get done now. We are listing a three bedroom townhouse by the La Canada Country Club. We have a West Covina three bedroom with pool coming on the market. AND I have a 3 bedroom, 3 bath Spanish in Toluca Lake we are prepping for sale. There are some other listings we are working on but they are not yet definite.

The first Monday of the New Year, I have to attend probate court for a confirmation hearing for my Sunland listing.  I need to be at court @ 8:30 to check in, then hopefully everything will be resolved before noon.  Fortunately most people will just be returning to work and catching up so it shouldn’t create too much chaos for the first week of the New Year.

How we wind down our December at Harb & Co. sets the pace for the New Year.  Wishing you health, happiness and prosperity.

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