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Harb and Co. Real Estate Wrap Up

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I assist with two annual fundraisers each year. The largest is for the Pasadena Ronald Mc Donald House. We wrapped that up last weekend. I am fortunate to work with some amazing ladies; they are tireless in what they do.  Sadly I can be hit or miss depending on what’s happening in my real estate world. Where I can shine is that in my downtime I can solicit amazing items for our Silent Auction. A Realtor spends much of her time waiting. I may be waiting for the inspection, waiting for disclosures, waiting to find out which offer will be accepted. During this waiting period, Kris and I make use of our phones and call everyone we know and don’t know; soliciting items for the Pasadena Ronald McDonald Silent Auction.

The second fundraiser I work on is at my church, St. Bede in La Canada. I am a member of their Italian Catholic Federation. Because of my Ronald Mc Donald experience, we added a silent auction to our annual Feast of St. Joseph. All proceeds go to charity. This event is in March and where you will have the opportunity to purchase my homemade spaghetti sauce (remember proceeds go to charity), and lots of other wonderful Italian delicacies including homemade biscotti.

When I share with you what’s going on at Harb & Co….. you do know it’s filtered. I am not a reality real estate show and can only honestly share so much. So here’s what’s happening in Harb and Co.’s real estate world:

We closed our Burbank Rancho listing (over asking, multiple offers).

My lovely La Crescenta buyers are wrapping up their inspection items and we should be moving to closing escrow.

We had multiple offers on my Shadow Hills equestrian home and opened escrow.

The appraisal came in low on my Verdugo Woodlands listing (sigh) and I prepared a strong rebuttal. Because I was previously in mortgage banking, I know how to do this…. but sadly some of these appraisers are dim wits, so it’s hit or miss. Stay tuned.

I have a new listing coming at some point in Alhambra, and continue to prep our Pasadena Spanish listing for sale.

I have an offer on my Glendale automotive listing… and hope to get that in escrow.

I wrote an offer for new La Crescenta buyers…. we wrote $150,000 over asking price and offered the seller a 60 day rent back for $2.00 – and sadly we were outbid. It’s tough out there for Los Angeles home buyers.

On a personal note:

During one of my Pilates sessions, I moved the wrong way and got positional vertigo (ugh!) So I am off Pilates until Friday… wish me luck, it’s been awful, I can’t even bend to wash my hair, but fortunately my favorite hair salon  has been washing my hair for me. They are only five minutes from my home, so it’s not been too much of an inconvenience. But with this vertigo… not sure what our Thanksgiving plans are…. I am better each day, but sadly it’s more important for me to get back to Pilates and washing my own hair then cooking a Thanksgiving Feast.

My daughter’s Montrose Yoga Studio  is doing well, so I am very grateful.

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