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In A Realtor’s Week

Realtor Downtime 1

Realtor Downtime

Realtors often find themselves in holding patterns: for instance I am waiting for the buyer of 969 Verdugo Circle to obtain loan approval so we can move towards closing, waiting for the seller of 1707 Monterey in South Pasadena to move, waiting...

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Realtor Harb's favorite APP 1

Realtor Harb’s favorite APP

I have a favorite APP, and being a Realtor, my favored APP, may surprise you. There are numerous APP's for Realtors, but my favorite is Find my Friends.  I really don’t like to live dangerously, but sometimes my parents think I do.  The...

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Happy New Year 1

Happy New Year

Harb & Co. had a great 2015, and are looking forward to an even better 2016. We are hoping that 2016 brings health, prosperity and happiness to us all... And world peace, let's not forget that. By the time I get through the frantic pace ...

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La Canada January 2016 Luxury Home Sales 2

Is it meant to be?

Throughout the world there is hunger, poverty and sickness. Being born in the United States is like hitting the lottery. To some extent, I believe God helps those who help themselves but sadly not everyone is in a position to help themselves. I...

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Happy Thanksgiving 1

Happy Thanksgiving

At this time of year our thoughts gratefully turn to those who recommend our service to friends, family members and co-workers. Happy Thanksgiving from our home to yours. Best Los Angeles Restaurants for Thanksgiving Dinner 

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The kitchen is the heart of the home 2

The kitchen is the heart of the home

The heart of my home is my kitchen. I don't necessarily love to cook, but I enjoy eating. I begin most Saturday mornings at the Farmers Market in La Canada.  Like many of you I try to incorporate more fruits and vegetables in our weekly me...

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Dumbing Down The Real Estate Industry 3

Dumbing Down The Real Estate Industry

Since I started selling real estate, I have noticed that the powers that be are dumbing down the real estate industry. When I began selling real estate, the Real Estate Purchase Agreement (RPA) had a provision that when a certain box was check...

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Just Listed: Toluca Lake Fixer 1

Just Listed: Toluca Lake Fixer

I just listed this Toluca Lake Fixer. It's a charming farmhouse located at  4554 Cartwright Ave., Toluca Lake Open House Schedule: Thursday 10/8 9:30AM  - noon Saturday 10/10 2-4 PM Sunday 10/11 2-4 PM Tuesday 10/13 11 AM- 1 PM Stop...

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Time is Money 1

Time is Money

The phrase “Time is Money” is attributed to Benjamin Franklin.  Recently, I received a call from a potential seller; she has had her condo listed on more than 30 occasions with different Realtors each time.  Of course she didn’t tell me...

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File Pockets, Real Estate and Paper Management 2

File Pockets, Real Estate and Paper Management

I have an obsession with file pockets.  Being a busy real estate agent means I manage paper - lots of paper.  I would love to claim that our office is paperless but to avoid mistakes, I have to print a lot of paper.  The issue becomes paper ...

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