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Previewing Property on Broker’s Caravan Day

Most Realtors preview homes each week. This gives us the opportunity to check out the newest listings in our communities and keep up to date on home values. In our San Fernando and San Gabriel neighborhoods, our primary caravan days are as follows:

Tuesday: La Canada, La Crescenta
Wednesday: Glendale
Thursday: Pasadena, Burbank
Friday: Shadow Hills, Sunland, Toluca Lake


Equestrian Homes for Sale

Each community has different ways of doing things. In most neighborhoods, the Realtor hosts the open house and the owner vacates. Last week, I previewed Burbank homes on broker’s caravan day. At half the Burbank listings I visited, the owner was home and it was awkward as each of these homes were dirty and in disrepair.

One of the Burbank homes I previewed was co-listed with two different brokerages. Just one Realtor was in attendance and both the husband and wife were home greeting us.  The solo Realtor was in the back yard talking up the equestrian facilities. The owner followed me into the yard (I thought she was the Realtor – after all at a $2,000,000 listing, seems like the owner shouldn’t have to do all the work). When I walked in the back yard there were horses and other animals which I made the mistake of asking if they were pigs… oops they were some kind of show dogs.

There are many reasons home owners should not be present during showings:

They can’t say something they may later regret (such as overselling their home). They can’t be accused of saying something they didn’t say because they were not there in the first place.

They won’t be insulted… I didn’t mean to insinuate her dogs looked like pigs… but I had never seen this type of dog before. I might have mistakenly made a comment to who I thought was the Realtor about the home’s disrepair, fortunately I didn’t, I only insulted her dog. It’s awkward when the seller is present, especially for home buyers who don’t want to insult the home owner.

If you want to learn more about showing tips, contact Phyllis Harb @ 818 790-7325.

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