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Why is an open house important?

Why is an open house important?
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Dear Phyllis,
My daughter has her Arizona home listed for sale. She didn’t want an open house due to security reasons. In addition, she did not want all the neighbors coming through. But her Realtor insisted and did agree to have another Realtor there with her for added security. My daughter and I feel that someone interested in looking at a home will call a Realtor and make an appointment. However, the buyer that purchased her home did view the home during the Sunday open. Interesting to note that her Realtor didn’t accompany her. Can you explain why an open house is important?


Dear Connie,

This is a great question, and I am glad you asked. I, too, share your daughter’s concerns about letting strangers in off the street. We typically have two people hosting our open houses. However, if the home is small, we only have one Realtor. We don’t want to make the home seem crowded and small. As for the neighbors, it can be difficult to keep them at bay. However, they may have a friend or family member who may be interested.

When a home is occupied, it may be more convenient for the owner to be out of the home for just a few hours on a Sunday. Otherwise, there are constant showing interruptions. Instead of just two hours for a Sunday open house, four different showings may be scattered throughout the day. Most sellers don’t want to have to get ready for countless showing appointments. In addition to trash cans, there may be pet beds and food that should be hidden.

I have noticed that other agents often ask if I am holding a home open. Sometimes I wonder when they don’t take the time to accompany their client, if they may not think their client is a serious buyer. Or perhaps they may decide to view it only if their client is interested. When an agent accompanies their buyer, it leads me to believe they feel the buyer is worth their time.

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