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The Number of Real Estate Agents is Dwindling

During the heyday of the housing bubble California housed over 260,000 active real estate agents. Today it is down to 170,000 as licenses expire.  The drop in the number of agents corresponds to the big drop in sales volume.  California home sales are a shadow of what they were during the boom.  So it makes complete sense that real estate agents have pulled back in conjunction with the drop in sales volume.  Read the rest here: 

The numbers may be down, but I don’t feel that there is less competition. There are 414 real estate agents in La Canada,  292 La Crescenta Realtors, 38 Montrose real estate agents, 781 Burbank Realtors, 1,576 Pasadena real estate agents and 1,149 Glendale Realtors.


With so many real estate agents to choose from learn how do you avoid selecting the wrong Realtor?

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