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1140 Sano Court Arcadia Listed and Sold by Harb & Co

1140 Sano Court Arcadia

Welcome to our success story in Arcadia’s vibrant Village area! We recently closed escrow on this four-bedroom pool home at 1140 Sano Court in Arcadia. The seller sought our help to enhance the property without a significant remodel. Leveraging our expertise, we strategically boosted the home’s appeal, yielding optimal results.

Our approach involved upgrades and improvements pivotal in achieving a selling price of $1,660,000, surpassing our $1,588,000 listing. We priced the property slightly below the market rate to gain a competitive edge, sparking a bidding war that benefited the seller. A critical factor in our success was the seller vacating the property three weeks before listing. This allowed us to conduct repairs, significantly improving the overall condition.

Enhancements of 1140 Sano Court included new carpeting, serviced blinds, repaired hardwood floors, reglazed the hall bathtub, fresh paint, new gate locks, and slider repairs. Additionally, we upgraded light fixtures and painted the kitchen cabinets. Recognizing that sellers often neglect home improvement tasks, as real estate professionals, we carefully decide which repairs will yield the highest return. This detailed approach not only boosts marketability without breaking the bank but also ensures the home shines, attracting buyers and maximizing selling potential. Furthermore, our commitment to optimizing ROI extends beyond traditional services. By meticulously addressing finer details, we create an environment that captivates buyers and justifies premium pricing.

To simplify the process our Concierge Program allows that repairs are paid through escrow proceeds.

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