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Los Angeles probate sales

What is a probate sale?

A probate sale is the sale of a home of someone who has passed and does not have a living trust. When looking to purchase a probate listing, the first question to ask is whether or not the sale requires court confirmation. Those requirin...

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5336 Acacia St. San Gabriel

What is sweat equity?

Have you heard the term "sweat equity"? According to Wikipedia Sweat equity is a party's contribution to a project in the form of labor, as opposed to financial equity such as paying others to perform the task. Sweat equity has an application i...

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when is the best time to remodel

When is the best time to remodel?

Have you had a remodeling project on the back burner? The biggest problem I have with contractors is their workload, they often juggle several projects at a time. When is the best time to remodel? As the housing market slows, homeowners ...

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How far to go when preparing your home for sale?

I have been selling Los Angeles homes since 1989. Each client has unique needs. One of the first things I want to know is how much effort a home seller is willing to put into preparing their home for sale. Selling your home in today's heated re...

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inspection renegotiations

Dealing with inspection renegotiations

We have a simple system when dealing with inspection renegotiations. In the ideal scenario our listing has sold in multiple offers. As I have already verified the buyer's down payment and spoken to their lender (assuming they are obtaining a lo...

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liquidating an estate, trustee

Liquidating an Estate: Alhambra fixer closed

Our Alhambra fixer closed! And this is how it happened: I sold a San Gabriel fixer for a trustee several years ago. And she recently referred me to her co-worker who was the trustee of her father’s estate. Often the trustee is overwhelmed wi...

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los angeles county seniors

Is a reverse mortgage the right option for you?

How do you determine if a reverse mortgage is the right option for you?  It really depends on your circumstances and needs. Many of us have different retirement goals.  More and more seniors are opting to "age in place".  This sometimes requ...

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living trusts estate planning will probate la canada real estate

Why have a living trust?

One of the first things George and I did after having children was create a living trust. This is a legal document similar to a will. Both outline exactly what your wishes are in regard to your dependents, your heirs and your assets. A primar...

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Mills Act

The Mills Act and historic preservation

The Mills Act is a California program which allows owners of qualified historic homes to receive a property tax reduction. Cities utilize the Mills Act to encourage historic preservation. Each local government establishes their own criteria.  ...

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