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Corona: Realtor Life Continues

Corona: Realtor Life Continues

In this strange and crazy world, Corona: Realtor Life Continues. By now, everyone knows someone impacted by COVID-19. We are learning new habits involving masks, gloves and social distancing. We wait patiently in line to gain access to a grocery store.  Everyone enters wearing a mask. And yet, this is our new normal. I am completely off my weekly routine and I am growing accustomed to no routine – no structure. Driving to Langer’s Deli and bringing home pastrami sandwiches for my family (curbside) is a splurge.

Frequent hand washing has left my hands chapped. I can no longer wear my wedding ring, too much hand washing. Last week I ventured to my favorite Farmer’s Market, the La Canada Farmer’s Market. It was the first time I was there since the “lock down”.  Something so familiar was suddenly very unfamiliar. People could enter but there was a line at 7:15 AM. A certain number of people are allowed in at a time.

The “tomato man” has half the space and now has the added expense of an employee.  The baguette sandwich seller no longer makes his crepes to order. He is also in half his pre-corona space.  He told me he is down to one Farmer’s Market.  It seems many of us are working harder to make less money.  At Gelson’s there is a full time employee to open the door for people exiting (one way in, one way out).

My aunt is in assisted living, and I miss our weekly visits. With each phone call I can feel her fading away. The new rules forbid haircuts and highlights.  And yet, Realtor life continues. I am an essential business. I have a new La Canada listing coming on the market. It’s vacant and that’s a relief.

Showing vacant homes is simple. Open the door with my Clorox wipe. Wait in the car and after the buyer leaves, lock the door. But showing an occupied home during a pandemic needs to be much more strategic.  I long for the days of new listings with multiple open houses, it was so efficient. But that marketing plan no longer exists. Real estate lifestyle videos have been replaced with more realistic video walk throughs.  No longer is the real estate goal to maximize showings. Each buyer, Realtor, inspector…. anyone entering the home must sign a corona disclosure.  We are still afraid of getting sued…. that hasn’t changed.

I am hoping that we emerge from this wiser and kinder and we live a gentler life.





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