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Glendale Fourplex sold

I am so relieved to report this Glendale fourplex sold! Some are much more difficult than others. We listed this property in September of 2023. We understand that endless showings are a disruption. Typically, tenants are unhappy when their “home” is being sold. There is a lot of uncertainty. When we list units, we often try to limit showings as a courtesy to the tenants. We hire a professional to complete a floor plan and have a photographer take pictures. In addition, we do a pre-inspection and termite inspection. Before showing, we have the buyer sign off on the inspection and submit a preapproval.

Glendale Fourplex sold

The tenants decided that they didn’t want to allow interior photos. And one tenant refused complete access to the measurer and general inspector. There were a lot of unnecessary showings because potential buyers didn’t know what the units looked like inside. Additionally, one tenant required anyone entering his unit to sign a non-disclosure (NDA). And no, he was not a celebrity.  The Harb & Co. Team did not sign the NDA, and we did not accompany buyers and agents in his unit for showings.

We had one escrow cancel because of a verbal altercation with this tenant. This Glendale fourplex was sold last week. Listed at $1,650,000 and sold for $1,475,000. It should have sold for more, but the seller took a financial hit because of the tenant’s lack of cooperation, which we carefully documented and disclosed to all potential buyers.

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  1. Sam says:

    Wow I wonder what will happen with the tenant now with a new landlord?

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