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Summer Vacation don’t forget to tell your neighbors

There have been so many burglaries recently. It seems that all of my neighbors are going on vacation (except me). Don’t forget to tell your neighbors about your summer vacation plans. We must keep an eye out for each other’s homes.

Several weeks ago, I saw one of my neighbors loading a small boat on the top of their car… I stopped, and we chatted. They told me they were going away for the entire month. I asked if they had someone watching their home, and they said they did. I told them I, too, would keep my eye on their home. When I drive by, I check their mailbox, which is always empty. Although they canceled their newspaper, some are still in their driveway, which I toss over their fence. When leaving town, you can never have too many neighborly eyes on your home.

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I think it’s hard to beat the security of a safety deposit box, but here are some clever ideas for hiding valuables in your home.

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One thought on “Summer Vacation don’t forget to tell your neighbors

  1. Ron says:

    I like to have one of the neighborhood college kids home for summer stay in our home when we are away. They are mature enough to be trusted and appreciate the chance to earn a little cash and independence.

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