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How do you find the right Realtor

With so many to choose from, how do you find the right Realtor?

how do you find the right Realtor

1. Choose the best agent you can. An experienced one (not your nephew who just passed his real estate exam).

2. If you are a seller, price your home correctly. Consider preparing your home for sale in some fashion. This can be as simple as sprucing up the landscape and decluttering. Ask your real estate agent how far you should go in readying your home for the market.

3. If you’re a buyer, your choice of  buyer’s agent will also have an impact. Your nephew from Santa Clarita doesn’t really know the Los Angeles communities of La Canada, La Crescenta, Glendale, Burbank, Toluca Lake and Pasadena.  He doesn’t know the way to do things here. The listing agent will be more comfortable with someone she knows. The possible savings on your nephew’s  kicking back some of his commission is not worth their lack of experience. Hiring an inexperienced or out of area agent might be the reason your offer won’t be accepted.

As there are fewer listings, the competition is fierce and you need every advantage.

If a buyer is looking for a bargain, look for stale shop worn listings. The ones where the seller has initially priced the home too high. These won’t necessarily be a bargain, but you will get a better price on these as there will be less competition.

Finding the right Realtor just involves you doing your homework.

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