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How to get your offer accepted

How to get your offer accepted

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Dear Phyllis,

After looking at homes for nearly a year, and making four offers I can’t seem to get a home. I am not low balling, but making good offers, have a large down payment and am pre-approved. As a result, I feel very frustrated and nearly ready to give up. What advice can you offer?

Joe K.

Dear Joe,

The fact that you are making offers indicates to me that you are realistic about finding a home. Although our market is returning to a more balanced one, entry level housing remains very competitive. Patience is a virtue. When purchasing a home in today’s real estate environment it is critical that you buy one you love. You may be there for quite some time, and you need to be happy going home at night. Gone are the days when you can move up in a short period of time.

Four offers not accepted. Why? Was it price? Terms? Were they all multiple offer situations and the price driven up? You and your Realtor® need to have a sit down and come up with answers and solutions.

When I submit an offer for a client, I ask the seller’s real estate agent questions. Then I write an offer which meets the seller’s needs to certain key issues such as the duration of escrow and possession. It is not always about price. When a homeowner has been in a home for years, it can be very difficult to move and in a multiple offer situation, you might try offering them two weeks to move after closing. Each situation is unique and your Realtor® needs to ask questions, then the two of you can develop a winning strategy.

Best of luck with your next offer!

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