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La Canada Real Estate Market Update

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Interested in the La Canada real estate market? Here’s the update:

Last month, twenty-six La Canada homes sold, two of which had price reductions before selling. La Canada home sales ranged from $907,000 – $10,500,000.  Half of the homes sold for over $1,650,000 (median price) and half for less.

One home had a price increase. There could be several reasons why the asking price was increased:

1) The real estate agent may have entered the wrong price. Perhaps the Realtor had been working with the client for months and during this time, decided to increase the asking price and then forgot when inputting the La Canada listing in the multiple listing service.

2) Perhaps the seller changed their mind.

3) Maybe once the home hit the multiiple, the Realtor decided the list price was too low.

This home was originally listed for $1,495,000 (price point) then increased to $1,733,000 and sold for $1,650,000.



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