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Marios versus Eagle Rock Bakery – What’s Good in the Neighborhood

As an Italian American growing up in Glendale, Marios was our go-to Italian store. We would buy five-pound boxes of dry pasta, cheese, and deli meats. We would have the cheese grated and then freeze it to pull out when making meatballs and serving spaghetti. One of my cousins loved their deli platters for Super Bowl and New Year’s Day football parties. I have been patronizing their Glendale location as long as I can remember – so long, in fact, I remember their original location. However, Eagle Rock Bakery has always been known for having the best cannolis.

Marios versus Eagle Rock Bakery

Marios versus Eagle Rock Bakery

Maio’s Italian Deli offers an extensive menu of hot and prepared food items, such as pizza, lasagna, pasta, and more. The cookies are made off-site, and while delicious, they often don’t offer a good assortment. They still take orders over the phone for quick pick-up, just like when I was a young girl. The layout remains unchanged, a comforting familiarity that speaks of their long-standing tradition.

marios versus Eagle Rock Bakery

Eagle Rock Bakery versus Marios

As they make their bread daily, you can’t pick up a sandwich until after 10:30. Unfortunately they don’t take phone orders for just a few sandwiches. They also have a variety of baked-on-site pastries, cookies, and cannoli. You can purchase their sauce and pasta items, such as frozen ravioli. But they don’t sell hot food. The bakery is well-organized, and all of the items are beautifully displayed.  I am partial to Eagle Rock Bakery because they donate to the Feast of St. Joseph, which I co-chair each year at St. Bede.

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