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Masking Odors When Selling

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Masking Odors When Selling

Dear Phylis,

Last year a real estate agent knocked on my door and we discussed home prices in my neighborhood. I was surprised by how much my neighbor’s homes were selling for. He told me I could get over a million dollars for my home. He suggested we list around February at $999,000. And assured me we would get a bidding war going on and I would sell the house for at least $1,100,000. My wife and I weren’t anxious to sell. But thought at that price we would and relocate to Nevada where our son lives. At his suggestion, we had a local cleaning company and thought we were ready to go.

After a couple of open houses, some private showings we received one low offer. There was nothing to show for all of our hard work. When I confronted the agent about his promises, he told me that clients complained about the smell of our cooking. We cook with a lot of curry and it is strong. But our agent had been in our home and never complained until after we signed the listing paperwork.


Dear RJ,

Did you have any experience with the Realtor® who knocked on your door? Has he sold homes in your neighborhood? How long has he been selling real estate? How many homes a year does he sell? Did you check his references and online reviews?

If you do decide to relist your home, ask your friends, neighbors and co-workers for recommendations. Then before you even interview any Realtors® check their personal website and online reviews. After interviewing ask for references.

Masking Odors When Selling

This is what I advise my clients in or order to masking odors when selling. As far as the cooking odors, close all bedroom doors each time you cook. Purchase a large “Nest” scented candle. I prefer the “bamboo” scent. You can buy one online. Experiment by lighting ½ hour to one hour before showings. If necessary open the bedroom doors after lighting. This candle is very powerful.
Wishing you better luck the second time around.

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