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Saturday Farmers Market in La Canada

A few hours devoted to meal prep on Saturdays saves me hours during the week. Keeping a set schedule in the real estate business is challenging, so having something in the fridge I can pull out, and cook is nice. It’s taken me years to get meal prep down to a science. I support the Saturday Farmers Market in La Canada. My husband is a snacker, so I purchase many things for him to nibble on. I cut fresh bell peppers and cucumber slices with the hummus I buy and store them in the fridge. When in season, I buy berries and cut and store them as well. They go well with the sheep’s milk yogurt that is sold at the La Canada Farmers Market. I also cut and washed lettuce for the next few days.

Meal prep

These great storage containers at Amazon  at Amazon keep fresh washed fruit and vegetables. They are clear, so it’s easy to know what’s inside – perfect for snacking.  They have different sizes, and you must learn which size works best for your family.  The smallest ones don’t hold much.

baked chicken la canada farmers market

There’s a chicken stand with the freshest natural chicken.  I marinate chicken thighs. Lemon, onion, green beans, mustard, white wine, broth, honey, whatever sounds good. I marinate it for several days and cook it on a baking sheet. The chicken man also sells chicken chorizo and eggs, and I usually hard boil some to keep in the fridge for snacking.  I was buying fish from Iceland there, but I now order it from Alaska. As it is, I have to make two trips to the car, and I buy so much.  I purchase all of my herbs at the farmer’s market; they are so fresh and cost much less than the market.

Now I am set for the week!

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