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There is really no typical real estate week or work flow

My workflow in real estate ebbs and flows. Some weeks we struggle to get everything done. There are homes to be readied for showings, repair requests to be negotiated, open houses to host, contracts to review; counter-offers to draft.  Other weeks are quieter; this is when we devote longer hours to Broker Caravan, previewing new listings. There is really no typical real estate week or workflow.

Pasadena Ronald Mc Donald Gala Committee

The Pasadena Ronald Mc Donald annual gala is at the Langham on November 3rd, and as Silent Auction co-chair, our team is feverishly finalizing the Auction. It will be bigger and better than ever. I can’t even begin to count the hours the auction committee devotes to this great cause. I have learned so much about fundraising, which has helped with the other event I chair, St. Joseph’s Table (which is in March). More about that event later.

Once the Gala is over, we can get back to winding down our real estate year. We have some new listings debuting at the beginning of 2019 that we are preparing for sale. And in November, we have client appreciation gifts to assemble and deliver. As of this moment, it appears our December will be relatively quiet.  But with all things real estate related, that can change with one email, phone call, or text. One thing I can always count on is that there is no typical real estate week or workflow.

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