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Using the same Realtor for buying and selling

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Using the same Realtor for buying and selling

Dear Phyllis,

I listed my Glendale home with the Realtor who sold it to me twenty years ago. As I plan to move to La Crescenta to be closer to my children, I plan on using a La Crescenta Realtor. I contacted a real estate agent that a woman I volunteer with recommended. The agent and I met for coffee, and I really liked her. She lives in La Crescenta and knows the community. I felt extremely comfortable with her. She has already given me information about Proposition 19 and transferring my tax base. She even told me about several available homes, but we haven’t looked at them yet.

When I told my Glendale agent that I wouldn’t be using her, she got upset, basically accusing me of not being loyal. I didn’t mean to be disrespectful. However, I thought using an agent whose primary focus is La Crescenta would be most beneficial. So, what is the protocol for using the same Realtor for both buying and selling?


Dear S.G.,

Unless you have signed a Buyer’s Representation and Broker Compensation Agreement, you can use any Realtor you wish. You don’t have to use the same Realtor for both buying and selling. Instead, focus on your needs and who makes you feel most comfortable. Ultimately, this decision is yours. Therefore, prioritize your confidence in their ability.

However, using the same Realtor has advantages. Having one agent handle both transactions mean you only need to communicate with a single point of contact. This simplifies the process, reduces the chances of miscommunication, and ensures that your needs and preferences are consistently understood and prioritized.

On the other hand, the La Crescenta market heavily favors home sellers. Few homes are on the market, and competition is fierce. This is where a local Realtor can truly shine. They have established relationships with other Realtors, home inspectors and lenders, giving them a potential edge in finding upcoming listings. A local Realtor may have access to off-market listings and be aware of properties that haven’t yet hit the market, opening a world of possibilities for you.

Best of luck to you on your purchase.

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