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What it’s really like being a real estate agent

What it’s really like being a real estate agent? It depends on the market.  I began selling real estate in 1989 and very quickly the market changed. Homes no longer sold in weeks and price reductions were common. One difficult aspect was asking home sellers for price reductions. Unfortunately, by the time the price was reduced the market had slipped even further.  In a downward market it’s very stressful being a Realtor. Home sellers are often unhappy watching their equity disappear.

Buyers are nervous and fearful that prices will be even lower next year. In a declining market, disgruntled buyers are common.  When something goes wrong with the home, such as a roof leak, Realtors always get a call. Buyer’s are watching their home value decline and having to pay out of pocket for expensive repairs obviously makes them feel that they made a poor investment.

What it's really like being a real estate agent

Fast forward to 2022. Most sellers are getting far more for their home than they ever imagined. They are selling faster and not having to keep their home in show condition for months on end. Often sellers have negotiated that they can remain in the home for some time after the sale. The process is more fun than stressful. It’s great being a real estate agent in a seller’s market.

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3 thoughts on “What it’s really like being a real estate agent

  1. Irene says:

    You’re the best in either market!

    1. Phyllis Harb says:

      Thank you!

  2. Sam says:

    Even in this market buyers are not amused when things go wrong soon after closing. Our newest neighbors had a leak in the roof within a week of moving in. Of course it was that incredibly heavy rain we had at the end of December and many homeowners discovered leaks as did we but for the new homeowners it still stung

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