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Homeowner’s Benefit & Woes


Owning a home: The Great American Dream

There is no better way to accumulate wealth than by owning your own home. But that is only one reason people want to partake in the great American dream of being a homeowner. Security: I just closed escrow on an apartment building. The m...

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Five simple ways to avoid a home burglary

With all of the crime in our Los Angeles neighborhoods, and summer vacations looming, this is a timely blog post. Burglars are on the lookout for an easy target. Day time burglaries are common in my La Canada neighborhood. Be especially cautiou...

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Why Don't You Have Fruit Trees? 1

Why Don’t You Have Fruit Trees?

George and I purchased our La Canada home during the real estate recession of the early 90’s. After several years we could afford to add our pool.  We had a delicious apple tree in the middle of our yard, which we were not smart enough to ...

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How lazy can you be? 1

How lazy can you be?

. they. . For years I bought fresh herbs at the grocery store, only to find that after a few days in the fridge they were rotten. Because I have dogs I didn’t want to plant herbs in the back yard, so several years ago I planted some herbs in ...

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Keeping your home safe during the holidays 1

Keeping your home safe during the holidays

Due to the increased burglaries in my La Canada neighborhood and in most of our Foothill Communities, we rented a safety deposit bank. The banker told me there were only a few available, so we aren't the only ones concerned with break-ins. We ...

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Prepare your home for the coming El Nino 1

Prepare your home for the coming El Nino

Angelinos are anxiously awaiting the approaching El Nino.  Here are a several things you can do to prepare your home for the coming El Nino: Roof: Be sure your roof is water tight. Roofers are going to be in high demand this winter – do...

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Pet peeves 1

Pet peeves

For those of you who really know me, you know one of my biggest pet peeves is flies. I know – no one likes them but I really despise them.  Until recently, I had cans of Raid everywhere. But I have been gifted some great fly fighting tools: ...

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I love my grassy lawn! 1

I love my grassy lawn!

While previewing new listings each week, I am noticing more homes with artificial turf. I am a glass is half full, kind of gal and was hoping our drought would bring smarter, water-wise gardens.  While a handful of homeowners are sporting beau...

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Recommended Service Providers 1

Recommended Service Providers

At least once a week, I receive an inquiry regarding a recommendation for a roofer, exterminator, electrician, real estate attorney or other recommended service provider. Because of this, I have dedicated a page of my website noting recommended...

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