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A Seller’s Perspective

The Pitfalls of Seller Financing 1

The Pitfalls of Seller Financing

Seller financing is also referred to as a seller carry back. Likely due to my banking background I believe there are many pitfalls to seller financing. As interest rates are cyclical, the benefits of seller financing increase when rates are ...

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Fall home selling 1

Fall home selling

Most everyone wants to put their home on the market in the spring. But sometimes life gets in the way; we get busy over summer and find ourselves smack in the middle of fall. But fall can still be a good time to sell.  We continue to experien...

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Dumbing Down The Real Estate Industry 3

Dumbing Down The Real Estate Industry

Since I started selling real estate, I have noticed that the powers that be are dumbing down the real estate industry. When I began selling real estate, the Real Estate Purchase Agreement (RPA) had a provision that when a certain box was check...

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Just Sold: Pasadena Traditional 1

The Importance of Your Home’s Online Presence

What should Los Angeles home sellers demand from a real estate agent as far as their home’s online presence? Nearly every morning when I check the multiple listing service  (MLS) for new listings I stumble across a photo or two that just m...

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Are lockboxes out of style? 2

Are lockboxes out of style?

Not too long ago, most homes priced under $750,000 offered lockbox access.  While showing homes in Pasadena, I am coming across more and more that are shown by appointment only. Why this new trend, are lockboxes out of style? Lockboxes have e...

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Home Staging on a Budget

While professional home staging is not always worth the expense, there are some instances when home staging really makes a difference. Not every home needs to be professionally staged with rented furniture and this is where your real estate age...

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