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Uovo Pasadena – What’s New in the Neighborhood

It’s Lent, and I don’t eat meat on Fridays. The dilemma is that I hate fish. So, Friday is pasta day. Typically, my go-to Italian restaurant in Pasadena is Celestino. My daughter convinced me to try Uovo in Pasadena last Friday. They don’t have an extensive menu, but there is a great variety, including gluten-free options. As their pasta is flown in fresh from Italy, it is unlike anything you will taste here.  Pasta is simply eggs, flour, and salt. The best flour is needed and can be acquired, but the Italian eggs are unavailable here. The eggs in Italy make a rich, deep yellow noodle that tastes like none other.

Uovo in Pasadena uses the best ingredients. For example, all of the beef is 100% grass-fed, Wagyu beef is sustainably raised and certified humane, and their pork is sustainably raised and antibiotic-free. They source their tomatoes from Puglia; the 24-month-aged Parmigiano-Reggiano and Pecorino Romano are shipped directly from Italy.

Uovo Pasadena

I had the truffle pasta; we shared an order of broccolini and a tiramisu.  As a black coffee drinker, I don’t care for tiramisu because of the coffee taste. However, their tiramisu is very creamy, and the coffee is on the bottom. It is delicious.  Uovo Pasadena is a no-tipping Restaurant with a 16% surcharge added to the bill. Located in the Pasadena commons with validated parking.

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One thought on “Uovo Pasadena – What’s New in the Neighborhood

  1. Carrie says:

    My kids have been raving about Uovo for all the same reasons you highlight They went to one in studio city I didn’t know that it had multiple locations. Good to know we have one in Pasadena

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