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A Seller’s Perspective

Harb and Co. Real Estate Wrap Up

Fall home selling

Most everyone wants to put their home on the market in the spring. But sometimes life gets in the way; we get busy over summer and find ourselves smack in the middle of fall home selling. But fall can still be a good time to sell.  We continu...

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Dumbing Down The Real Estate Industry 3

Dumbing Down The Real Estate Industry

Since I started selling real estate, I have noticed that the powers that be are dumbing down the real estate industry. When I began selling real estate, the Real Estate Purchase Agreement (RPA) had a provision that when a certain box was check...

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Just Sold: Pasadena Traditional 1

The Importance of Your Home’s Online Presence

What should Los Angeles home sellers demand from a real estate agent as far as their home’s online presence? Nearly every morning when I check the multiple listing service  (MLS) for new listings I stumble across a photo or two that just m...

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Are lockboxes out of style? 2

Are lockboxes out of style?

Not too long ago, most homes priced under $750,000 offered lockbox access.  While showing homes in Pasadena, I am coming across more and more that are shown by appointment only. Why this new trend, are lockboxes out of style? Lockboxes have e...

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Preparing Your Home for Sale 3

Home Staging on a Budget

While professional home staging is not always worth the expense, there are some instances when home staging really makes a difference. Not every home needs to be professionally staged with rented furniture and this is where your real estate age...

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Is Home Staging Worth the Expense?

Is Home Staging Worth the Expense?

When is home staging worth the expense? It depends, not every home needs to be professionally staged. Obviously an experienced Realtor with great marketing is crucial. Let’s take a look at this La Crescenta home I just sold. In this instance...

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