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La Crescenta Real Estate Values 2

Not all Escrows are Smooth Sailing

The escrow process is often extremely complicated and if it weren’t I would be out of business. In this strong home seller’s market, we find ourselves spending more time prepping our listings for sale. Not because it’s necessary but beca...

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Learn why bidding wars are so common

Learn why bidding wars are so common

Multiple offers and bidding wars have become very common in many Los Angeles real estate communities.  Bidding wars are prevalent in neighborhoods such as La Crescenta, La Canada, Pasadena, Eagle Rock, Montrose, Altadena, Burbank and Toluca L...

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Insider Secrets when competing with a cash buyer 3

Insider Secrets when competing with a cash buyer

Insider Secrets when competing with a cash buyer I understand how disappointing it is to write an offer on your dream home, only to be beat out by a cash buyer. When competing with cash buyers, you need to change your strategy. Determining wha...

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The Pitfalls of Seller Financing 1

The Pitfalls of Seller Financing

Seller financing is also referred to as a seller carry back. Likely due to my banking background I believe there are many pitfalls to seller financing. As interest rates are cyclical, the benefits of seller financing increase when rates are ...

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La Canada January 2016 Luxury Home Sales 2

Is it meant to be?

Throughout the world there is hunger, poverty and sickness. Being born in the United States is like hitting the lottery. To some extent, I believe God helps those who help themselves but sadly not everyone is in a position to help themselves. I...

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What are Tiny Houses? 1

What are Tiny Houses?

Tiny houses come in all shapes and sizes, including container homes. The average American spends more than ¼ of his income towards housing.  Tiny homes offer the benefit of living a simpler, less expensive lifestyle (and who doesn’t long fo...

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